Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tweaks Ziggs Needs

Copypasta from a thread I made:

I've been playing a lot of Ziggs recently. Nothing too much but learning his mechanics.

I am concerned about the similarities between other champions and how they function differently when they shouldn't.

His passive needs to be function identically with Twisted Fate. In case you didn't know Twisted Fate's blue card, E proc, and sheen/lichbane. Are on a set priority.

If you would kill a minion with Blue Card, you keep your sheen and E proc.
If you would kill a minion with the damage from Blue Card and Sheen, but E would be overkill, you keep your E for the next attack.
If it takes Blue Card damage, sheen, and your E to kill a minion, all three will go off whether it kills it or not.

Similarly, Ziggs passive needs to work like this.

If killing a minion with sheen would kill it, you keep your passive.
If killing a minion with sheen and passive would kill it, both will go off whether it kills it or not.

Applicable to towers too.

Because the current way it works is you lose your passive's extra damage if it would kill the minion. Even TF gets mana back if the minion dies before it reaches it hitting air, why should Ziggs lose his passive for 12 seconds if the same happens to him?

Q - Well done, no need for tweaking and not buggy.

W - It needs the Gragas barrel/Lux treatment/Riven Q/etc.

The way it currently works is the CD is counted when it goes off, not when it is planted.

Gragas Q is on a 7 second cooldown, a 4.2 second cooldown with 40% CDR. He can choose to leave the barrel for zoning purposes for 3 seconds. Once the barrel explodes, the CD is 1.2 seconds because it is counted down in the background when he throws it, not when it explodes. This same thing applies to Lux and even rivens Q. Abilities like this need to be function identically across the board--Ziggs is not the only one.

E is fine, the potential damage from it is a little absurd but is a closet case scenario and they are likely to never hit more than 4.

R is great. Nothing buggy about it.

I hope you take my input/feedback seriously as the last time I made one of these for Lux, they actually took what I said and digested it. Thank you for reading.

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