Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fancy as fuck

I got this fancy new smart phone with a blogger app...imma try and post more random mtg stuff from the road to fill some of this void

Monday, August 27, 2012

MUCMonday #29

Making Up Cards Monday #29:

Welcome back to another segment of MUCMonday. We didn't get one last week because I was kind of lazy and somewhat busy.

This week won't be much better, because we only have two cards.

Raging Devil - 1RR
Creature - Devil
Whenever Raging Devil attacks, it gains +1/-1 until end of turn.

Just some common fodder that would be interesting. It's kind of like Bramble Creeper but not as useless.

Soldiers of Life - 4WWWW
At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
At the beginning of your end step, put X 1/1 white soldier tokens onto the battlefield where X is your life total.

I'm not sure what Lolzor was on when he thought of this card. He actually wanted this to cost 6 mana. Even at eight mana it flat out wins games. Which, an 8-cost card probably should, but man--the power if this card. Even if this was a sorcery it would be crazy. But for it to be recurring? Geez.

Well that's all we have this week. Somewhat disappointing, yes but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bonus time!

Sorry guys I'm a day late on this but for this friday I bring you...EXTRA BANGCHUCKERS!!!!!!
The last panel of this weeks comic leaves Bit...looking a bit preoccupied. This is because me and Bit wrote this with a second ending that didnt quite flow but we thought was funny.

Without further text i present you with Cj's post avacyn day dream

Related cards:
Werewolves! (yes I know I already did this joke....fuck you)

Now dont you people get greedy you here...this wont be regular...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bangchuckers #11

FFFHHWWWWOOOOSSSSHHHHHH. On the wings of angels this comic arrives!

This comic came out of a silly joke that I kept bringing up about post Avacyn, you know after all the vampires as such were defeated.  I hope you guys enjoy this slightly more lore inspired comic.

P.S. Remember that Odin guy we mentioned in a MUC Monday? Enjoy his cameo as the main character here.
Related...ANGELS! :

See you soon guys! (I know we are still wonky with our schedule but we will get back promise.)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Interesting Play of the Week #23: What we were expecting in M13:

Cards we are glad to see reprinted:

Silklash Spider - Exactly what green needed for the perpetual spirit decks that seem to be dominating. A bit overcosted, but it would've been nice to see a Hurricane as well.
Vampire Nocturness - The already strong Vampire tribe that is slightly outshined by spirits. Vampires are interesting because they deal more damage, but are significantly easier to stopping. Spirits keep coming back with Moorland Haunt. It just needs
Vampire Nighthawk - this card.
Rancor - Another bomb green card. (Lolzor entire childhood in MtG)
Oblivion Ring - Universal white removal that is moderately costed at sorcery-speed. Exactly what is needed.
Acidic Slime - Easily one of the top 100 green cards of all time. Too much value and perfect in green...always want to see this card
Sleep - I'm glad to see this card again. It's a really powerful card that might be somewhat into blue but works really well with aggro decks.
Relinquary Tower - $15 reprint that everyone wanted from Shards. For EDH.
Stuffy Doll - Kind of cool. Maybe Guilty Conscience will get reprinted too. Should be fun with Blasphemous Act.
Rise from the Grave - Classic card for me. Very glad it was reprinted.
Sign in Blood - Suicide black for draw power. I was pretty sad when it rotated out for the first time.
Volcanic Geyser - Instant speed Fireball for an extra R. Well more like Blaze. I am pretty sad Fireball didn't make the cut.
Nicol Bolas - C'mon. Everyone loves this guy. Another chance at getting him.
Elixir of Immortality - Classic general-use for defense. One of the few ways to stop mill decks (how ever far and few they may be between)
Tormod's Crypt - Still no Relic of Progentius, but still useful.
Cycle of Dual Lands - Solid cycle. Very strong in any type of deck. Now quite like the beta dual lands, they got it right this time. And it doesn't require buying any more cards since I have them already.

Special mentions:

Smelt - Why was this card made. It makes Shatter looks like shit. When I first saw Shatter I knew it was overcosted and would never see play. Now atleast they make it costed correctly, but still won't be used.
Giant Scorpion - One of Lolzor's favorite draft cards.
Unsummon - With Vapor Snag rotating out, maybe we can see some interesting decks with this, or maybe it will just stop that stupid blue-white fliers.
Deadly Recluse - Deathtouch spider. Very efficent green card (The green doom blade) also another Lolzor fav.
Prey Upon - Reprinted even though they will cycle out together...but none the less wishful thinking that fight will be come a more common mechanic
Evolving Wilds - Really dumb to have this rotate out at the same time next year as the Innistrad Evolving Wilds. I don't know why Wizards does that--just for Limited?
Battle of Wits - Funny card, barely playable...I'd like to see some interesting decks
Door to Nothingness - Similar to Battle of wits....just silliness

Cards we are upset about being reprinted:

Planar Cleansing - Sefah raging about taking out Day of Judgement. Yeah, it was probably needed, but I like my 8-12 board clear standard deck.
Angel's Mercy and every other Limited fodder that keeps getting reprinted in core sets.
Serra Avatar
Harbor Serpent - another useless Limited fodder. This one in particular gets it's another mention.
Erase - I hate these functional reprint stuff. It's not like it was powerful enough to run two in EDH anyways.

This article was actually a sloppy dual article written by Lolzor and Sefah scrambling typing tidbits at a time. Bonus points if you can pick out who wrote what.

Monday, August 13, 2012

MUCMonday #28

Making Up Cards Monday #28:

Welcome back to another segment of MUCMonday. Getting right back into the swing of things, here are this week's cards:

Clash of the Titans - XGG
Clash with an opponent.
Put an X/X green treefolk token onto the battlefield. If you won the clash, put two X/X’s instead.

When I heard that "clash" was a failed mechanic, I went on a bit of a spree of actually using Clash the way it was intended to be. I think that it is a really good mechanic, there just aren't enough cards that the reward the clash mechanic outweighs the normal cost. For example: Pulling Teeth

Goblin Brigade - (G/R)(G/R)(G/R)(G/R)(G/R)(G/R)
Creature - Goblin
Trample, double strike, haste

A card that Sean wanted to make. I originally thought that this card was undercosted, but after a while I kind of began to accept that it might even be overcosted.

So here it is.

Super Mitotic Slime - GGGG
Creature - Ooze
When Super Mitotic Slime dies put two 2/2 ooze tokens with “When this creature dies, put two 1/1 ooze tokens onto the battlefield.”

I used to Super Mitotic Slime. I thought it was an interesting concept, but never really liked the card. I sold my two copies to Lolzor for a dime each. He has fun with them.

Then the undying mechanic came out, and Lolzor joked about giving Mitotic Slime undying. And so here we are. I fixed it's original "mana cost" problem it had, but added a huge dilemma of it being basically unsplashable. Perfect for green.

It's a shame Undying doesn't work on tokens.

Treason Bounce - URR
Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature, it gains haste until end of turn. At the end of turn, return that creature to its owner’s hand.

Act of Treason + Unsummon. Pretty simple. I liked it.

No crazy cards this week like Altar of Wishes, but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week for more cards

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bangchuckers! #10

Welcome back! We ave some good ones all ready and saved up for you guys...but this week lets start will a particularly silly comic. This one came heavily from a conversation with Sefah and in like 20 min I wrote a script. No magic related here just weird humor that comes from our group.

Related Cards:
Fruitcake Elemental

Eh eh? Even here I can find something stupid for a related card!

More to come...See you in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ok guys so we are back and it was amazing the traffic we got yesterday after just one post! Thank you all soooooo much and we are glad to be back. I apologize again for us leaving but for the sake of quality it was the best idea.

A few months ago I posted an article with a bunch of stuff like contact information and ideas for the future, you can find that here. I still really encourage community participation with the site and all the info is there like our email Right now though id like to readdress the last part of that article which is the future part so lets get into this.


Alright everyone's favorite webcomic will be continuing with a normal every other week schedule. The reason being that its pretty hard to keep pace with work schedules and such and there havent been any particular complaints about the current working. If you want more voice it. We can be persuaded but there would have to be a strong showing to get us to move to weekly. We love doing BC! but unfortunately its not quite profitable enough for us to really stretch ourselves without our a fan base demanding it. So for now enjoy our webcomic the first one comes back tommorow and will have its home on Wednesday every other week.

MUC Monday

Well not much to say here, MUC Monday is Mondays every week and wont be changing anytime soon.


Well here we are...Sefah already touched on this but I'm going to as well. Fridays are changing, why is this? Well simply because the play of the week wasnt working. It was getting too difficult to always find a game to talk about even when we were playing like non stop and we didnt have jobs or classes that really stopped us there just wasnt enough information. So instead we are going to strive for just any article on Friday. It could be and interesting play, or an article regarding a new set or maybe it wont be about MtG at all and itll be about gaming...we don't know but I do promise there will be some article or something interesting to read on Fridays every week.


Fuck....we dont know...See random card was fun to do but very demanding and also could get stale at times due to repeats or just vanilla cards....we are working on this segment and when we figure it out we will let you know.

Future stuff

Monday: MUC Monday
Wednesday: Bangchuckers! (Bi-weekly)
Friday: Articles!

Thats a light schedule...we know. We will be adding more in the coming weeks we just need to figure out what is best for the site and the community. There are ideas floating around, I know I'm still on the podcast idea at least a monthly podcast could happen if we get the tech and the time sorted out.

We are searching for more segments and articles to publish and we could always use your help so feel free to let us know what u wanna read tell us what we should put in those empty days.

Finally I'm going to be doing a little more social networking stuff. Im working on a new temporary logo design but we are trying to find someone to make us a permanent one. We are going to have FB pages soon for both SCS and BC!. I'm contemplating a website over haul...basically everything.

Over the next few days im going to get all the archives up to date and keep them that way. We will be writing all the time to fill the void whether just small shit or posts like this or real articles. I just dont want to promise any consistency because we dont know what we want yet.

Ok....I think that's enough. From the whole crew here at SCS...its good to be back and we are here to stay.

To the future!

Monday, August 6, 2012

MUCMonday #27

Making Up Cards Monday #27:

Hello and welcome back to Snow Covered Swamp. It's been a while since any of our updates, so I wanted to apologize for that. There have been several issues that both me (Sefah) and Lolzor had to deal with.

So to start things off, we have a bit of spare time now, which will explain this week's MUCMonday, but we will not be kicking into full gear yet as we will not be posting RCotD until we are absolutely certain we can handle it. It would be a bit of a shame to only have 3 RCotD a week.

And thus, without any further a due, here are the cards.

Altar of Wishes - 2
Legendary Artifact
Altar of Wishes doesn’t untap during your untap step.
At the beginning of your upkeep remove a fate counter from Altar of Wishes.
Pay 4 life, {T}: Add two fate counters to Altar of Wishes.
As long a Altar of Wishes has a fate counter on it, the “legend rule” and “planeswalker rule” don’t apply.

This card was actually designed by one of my friends. For name's sake, his name was OdinShuffle. Originally we had planned to have a "guest MUCMonday" but we didn't get enough submissions to actually make one. So he gets a shoutout here.

Chaotic Growth - 1GG
At the beginning of your upkeep sacrifice an untapped land. If you do, you may search your library for up to two basic land cards and put them onto the battlefield tapped.

Lolzor was the designer behind. The idea was to have so much mana ramp that it actually thins out your deck, and then later comes back and you have no more lands to pull out so you just begin losing lands. Basically a recurring Harrow for basically the same price.

Although I still think this card is insane ramp (leave it on for three or four turns, Naturalize it) and even if you didn't Naturalize it, you still have 8-11 turns left until you will stop seeing returns on it. If you can't do something with 20+ lands that's probably a deck construction issue.

Originally it was "sacrifice a land" but I wanted it to be less abusable so I made it untapped.

Out of the Fire - RR
Out of the Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player. If a creature is dealt damage this way dies, Out of the Fire deals 2 damage to that creature’s controller.
As long as Out of the Fire is in your graveyard, if a creature you control attacks a player, you may pay 2, if you do, put Into the Pan on to the battlefield.
Into the Pan - 2
Artifact - Equipment
Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a player, return Into the Pan to your hand and add RR to your mana pool.
{T}: Attach Into the Pan to target creature who attacked this turn.
Equip {2}

The first split card I ever made. Obviously based on the idiom "Out of the fire, into the frying pan" but now it's more of a relatively expensive recurring burn. One of the reasons Punishing Fire was banned in Modern.

I also wanted to make a "crazy" card because most split cards were basically the same. Both side were Sorceries or both sides were Instants. Now it's even more confusing, but still pretty simple. If it's on the stack, it's probably an instant, if it's on the battlefield, it's obviously the Equipment.

Premonition Blade - 3
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature is unblockable.
Whenever equipped creatures deals combat damage to a player, you may look at the top card of that player’s library. You may put that card at the bottom of his or her library.
Equip {1}

Another card Lolzor designed. I'm guessing it was based off of Trepanation Blade since it's one of his favorite equipments. Though to be honest, most cards Lolzor design's I'm not a fan of, but put fateseal on a card and I will probably like it. (One of the reasons I prefer Portent of Ponder.)

Well I hope you guys like our "return debut" MUCMonday. We will probably switch out IPotW on Friday's to something else, but stay tuned! There will always be an article on Friday, it just may or may not be a replay or even about Magic: the Gathering. Maybe it will be me and Lolzor complaining about the aggressive meta in Standard right now, or embracing it.

But stay tuned and don't forget to share with your friends that we are back.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's time

So....we are coming back...tommorow