Sunday, August 19, 2012


Interesting Play of the Week #23: What we were expecting in M13:

Cards we are glad to see reprinted:

Silklash Spider - Exactly what green needed for the perpetual spirit decks that seem to be dominating. A bit overcosted, but it would've been nice to see a Hurricane as well.
Vampire Nocturness - The already strong Vampire tribe that is slightly outshined by spirits. Vampires are interesting because they deal more damage, but are significantly easier to stopping. Spirits keep coming back with Moorland Haunt. It just needs
Vampire Nighthawk - this card.
Rancor - Another bomb green card. (Lolzor entire childhood in MtG)
Oblivion Ring - Universal white removal that is moderately costed at sorcery-speed. Exactly what is needed.
Acidic Slime - Easily one of the top 100 green cards of all time. Too much value and perfect in green...always want to see this card
Sleep - I'm glad to see this card again. It's a really powerful card that might be somewhat into blue but works really well with aggro decks.
Relinquary Tower - $15 reprint that everyone wanted from Shards. For EDH.
Stuffy Doll - Kind of cool. Maybe Guilty Conscience will get reprinted too. Should be fun with Blasphemous Act.
Rise from the Grave - Classic card for me. Very glad it was reprinted.
Sign in Blood - Suicide black for draw power. I was pretty sad when it rotated out for the first time.
Volcanic Geyser - Instant speed Fireball for an extra R. Well more like Blaze. I am pretty sad Fireball didn't make the cut.
Nicol Bolas - C'mon. Everyone loves this guy. Another chance at getting him.
Elixir of Immortality - Classic general-use for defense. One of the few ways to stop mill decks (how ever far and few they may be between)
Tormod's Crypt - Still no Relic of Progentius, but still useful.
Cycle of Dual Lands - Solid cycle. Very strong in any type of deck. Now quite like the beta dual lands, they got it right this time. And it doesn't require buying any more cards since I have them already.

Special mentions:

Smelt - Why was this card made. It makes Shatter looks like shit. When I first saw Shatter I knew it was overcosted and would never see play. Now atleast they make it costed correctly, but still won't be used.
Giant Scorpion - One of Lolzor's favorite draft cards.
Unsummon - With Vapor Snag rotating out, maybe we can see some interesting decks with this, or maybe it will just stop that stupid blue-white fliers.
Deadly Recluse - Deathtouch spider. Very efficent green card (The green doom blade) also another Lolzor fav.
Prey Upon - Reprinted even though they will cycle out together...but none the less wishful thinking that fight will be come a more common mechanic
Evolving Wilds - Really dumb to have this rotate out at the same time next year as the Innistrad Evolving Wilds. I don't know why Wizards does that--just for Limited?
Battle of Wits - Funny card, barely playable...I'd like to see some interesting decks
Door to Nothingness - Similar to Battle of wits....just silliness

Cards we are upset about being reprinted:

Planar Cleansing - Sefah raging about taking out Day of Judgement. Yeah, it was probably needed, but I like my 8-12 board clear standard deck.
Angel's Mercy and every other Limited fodder that keeps getting reprinted in core sets.
Serra Avatar
Harbor Serpent - another useless Limited fodder. This one in particular gets it's another mention.
Erase - I hate these functional reprint stuff. It's not like it was powerful enough to run two in EDH anyways.

This article was actually a sloppy dual article written by Lolzor and Sefah scrambling typing tidbits at a time. Bonus points if you can pick out who wrote what.

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