Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ok guys so we are back and it was amazing the traffic we got yesterday after just one post! Thank you all soooooo much and we are glad to be back. I apologize again for us leaving but for the sake of quality it was the best idea.

A few months ago I posted an article with a bunch of stuff like contact information and ideas for the future, you can find that here. I still really encourage community participation with the site and all the info is there like our email Bangchuckers@snowcoveredswamp.com. Right now though id like to readdress the last part of that article which is the future part so lets get into this.


Alright everyone's favorite webcomic will be continuing with a normal every other week schedule. The reason being that its pretty hard to keep pace with work schedules and such and there havent been any particular complaints about the current working. If you want more voice it. We can be persuaded but there would have to be a strong showing to get us to move to weekly. We love doing BC! but unfortunately its not quite profitable enough for us to really stretch ourselves without our a fan base demanding it. So for now enjoy our webcomic the first one comes back tommorow and will have its home on Wednesday every other week.

MUC Monday

Well not much to say here, MUC Monday is Mondays every week and wont be changing anytime soon.


Well here we are...Sefah already touched on this but I'm going to as well. Fridays are changing, why is this? Well simply because the play of the week wasnt working. It was getting too difficult to always find a game to talk about even when we were playing like non stop and we didnt have jobs or classes that really stopped us there just wasnt enough information. So instead we are going to strive for just any article on Friday. It could be and interesting play, or an article regarding a new set or maybe it wont be about MtG at all and itll be about gaming...we don't know but I do promise there will be some article or something interesting to read on Fridays every week.


Fuck....we dont know...See random card was fun to do but very demanding and also could get stale at times due to repeats or just vanilla cards....we are working on this segment and when we figure it out we will let you know.

Future stuff

Monday: MUC Monday
Wednesday: Bangchuckers! (Bi-weekly)
Friday: Articles!

Thats a light schedule...we know. We will be adding more in the coming weeks we just need to figure out what is best for the site and the community. There are ideas floating around, I know I'm still on the podcast idea at least a monthly podcast could happen if we get the tech and the time sorted out.

We are searching for more segments and articles to publish and we could always use your help so feel free to let us know what u wanna read tell us what we should put in those empty days.

Finally I'm going to be doing a little more social networking stuff. Im working on a new temporary logo design but we are trying to find someone to make us a permanent one. We are going to have FB pages soon for both SCS and BC!. I'm contemplating a website over haul...basically everything.

Over the next few days im going to get all the archives up to date and keep them that way. We will be writing all the time to fill the void whether just small shit or posts like this or real articles. I just dont want to promise any consistency because we dont know what we want yet.

Ok....I think that's enough. From the whole crew here at SCS...its good to be back and we are here to stay.

To the future!

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