Monday, August 6, 2012

MUCMonday #27

Making Up Cards Monday #27:

Hello and welcome back to Snow Covered Swamp. It's been a while since any of our updates, so I wanted to apologize for that. There have been several issues that both me (Sefah) and Lolzor had to deal with.

So to start things off, we have a bit of spare time now, which will explain this week's MUCMonday, but we will not be kicking into full gear yet as we will not be posting RCotD until we are absolutely certain we can handle it. It would be a bit of a shame to only have 3 RCotD a week.

And thus, without any further a due, here are the cards.

Altar of Wishes - 2
Legendary Artifact
Altar of Wishes doesn’t untap during your untap step.
At the beginning of your upkeep remove a fate counter from Altar of Wishes.
Pay 4 life, {T}: Add two fate counters to Altar of Wishes.
As long a Altar of Wishes has a fate counter on it, the “legend rule” and “planeswalker rule” don’t apply.

This card was actually designed by one of my friends. For name's sake, his name was OdinShuffle. Originally we had planned to have a "guest MUCMonday" but we didn't get enough submissions to actually make one. So he gets a shoutout here.

Chaotic Growth - 1GG
At the beginning of your upkeep sacrifice an untapped land. If you do, you may search your library for up to two basic land cards and put them onto the battlefield tapped.

Lolzor was the designer behind. The idea was to have so much mana ramp that it actually thins out your deck, and then later comes back and you have no more lands to pull out so you just begin losing lands. Basically a recurring Harrow for basically the same price.

Although I still think this card is insane ramp (leave it on for three or four turns, Naturalize it) and even if you didn't Naturalize it, you still have 8-11 turns left until you will stop seeing returns on it. If you can't do something with 20+ lands that's probably a deck construction issue.

Originally it was "sacrifice a land" but I wanted it to be less abusable so I made it untapped.

Out of the Fire - RR
Out of the Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player. If a creature is dealt damage this way dies, Out of the Fire deals 2 damage to that creature’s controller.
As long as Out of the Fire is in your graveyard, if a creature you control attacks a player, you may pay 2, if you do, put Into the Pan on to the battlefield.
Into the Pan - 2
Artifact - Equipment
Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a player, return Into the Pan to your hand and add RR to your mana pool.
{T}: Attach Into the Pan to target creature who attacked this turn.
Equip {2}

The first split card I ever made. Obviously based on the idiom "Out of the fire, into the frying pan" but now it's more of a relatively expensive recurring burn. One of the reasons Punishing Fire was banned in Modern.

I also wanted to make a "crazy" card because most split cards were basically the same. Both side were Sorceries or both sides were Instants. Now it's even more confusing, but still pretty simple. If it's on the stack, it's probably an instant, if it's on the battlefield, it's obviously the Equipment.

Premonition Blade - 3
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature is unblockable.
Whenever equipped creatures deals combat damage to a player, you may look at the top card of that player’s library. You may put that card at the bottom of his or her library.
Equip {1}

Another card Lolzor designed. I'm guessing it was based off of Trepanation Blade since it's one of his favorite equipments. Though to be honest, most cards Lolzor design's I'm not a fan of, but put fateseal on a card and I will probably like it. (One of the reasons I prefer Portent of Ponder.)

Well I hope you guys like our "return debut" MUCMonday. We will probably switch out IPotW on Friday's to something else, but stay tuned! There will always be an article on Friday, it just may or may not be a replay or even about Magic: the Gathering. Maybe it will be me and Lolzor complaining about the aggressive meta in Standard right now, or embracing it.

But stay tuned and don't forget to share with your friends that we are back.

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