Friday, May 4, 2012

IPotW #21

Interesting Play of the Week #21:

I feel somewhat proud of this game. I wanted to make a truly douche-not-fun-to-play-or-play against deck. It's actually a fairly weak deck and has almost no win conditions, but it plays out well in most of its games.

It's got about 12 counterspells and 12 bounces. It's really not fun.

I lose the die roll so I'm on the draw, and I keep my opening hand of Druidic Satchel, Dissipate, Dissipate, Mind Control, Swamp, Island, Island

T1: Evolving Wilds
T2: Island, end of turn sac. Evolving Wilds
T3: Island, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Ponder choosing to shuffle
T4: Plains, Gideon's Avenger
T5: Island, Druidic Satchel
T6: Llanowar Elves
T7: Island
T8: Plains, Caged Sun, resp. Dissipate. He ends his turn. I'm confused about why he's not attacking.
T9: Swamp, Mind Control on Gideon's Lawkeeper
T10: Forest, Drogskol Captain, resp. Dissipate
T11: Taps down my Avenger, giving him a +1/+1 counter to stop him from attacking.
T12: Island, swing for 2, leaving Gideon's Lawkeeper to be able to tap me down. End of turn Tragic Slip on the Lawkeeper.
T13: Swing for 5.
T14: Forest, swing for 2.
T15: Swing for 7.
T16: Island. He tries to Ponder, he has 2 cards in hand. So I Frightful Delusion. He discards his other card which was Increasing Devotion. He Ponder's out a Gather the Townsfolk but it is met with another Dissipate.
T17: Swing, he chump blocks.
T18: Plains, end of turn Tragic Slip the Llanowar Elves.
T19: Swing for game.

Somewhat of a one-sided match, but it really got me to respect Frightful Delusion. It's very tricky spell. When you play again a blue deck, you want them to counter the first spell so it acts as "bait" for your real spell. So in this case, he was saving the card that would help him, but ended up being discarded because of Frightful Delusion.

I will be typing up last week's IPotW #20 since I have the time. Be sure to check it out and I apologize for being so late on it. Come back on Monday for MUCMonday!

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