Sunday, May 13, 2012

RCotD #178

Random Card of the Day #178:

Stone Rain - 2R
Destroy target land

Initial Thoughts:
Well as I sit here watching the pro tour...I noticed Sefahs comments about my hate of buy back...and yes I do hate it but the karma for sneaking that in is now I get to gush about this card.

SSSSSTTTTTTOOOOOONNNNEEEEE RAIN! I am a sucker for good land destruction and this is it...the only card better is Sink Hole and even still this is more splashable. Unfortunately wizards determined land destruction all recent ones are very meh, but this on turn 3 is devastating. It kills a priority land, it slows down your opponent, its screws up a curve, just great. It is usually viable at most stages of the game and its good in both EDH and constructed. This is a go to card for me with the likes of Boom/Bust being another great card.  Sefah's gong to hate this but... 5/5

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