Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IPotW #25

Interesting Play of the Week #25:

I know I haven't played much magic but I actually got some friendly drafts going. A couple memorable plays were: Casting some 5 cmc creature, going to lose to Essence Backlash, but instead Syncopating my own creature for 0, refusing to pay for it, so I could live and draw a card. I still lose but it was an interesting play nonetheless. Having Wolfhunter's Quiver attached to Black Cat, targeting itself during my opponent's draw step so I could take out the card he just drew. Short and sweet, but as aforementioned I haven't really been playing a lot. So there are the Interesting Plays for the W--er.. month. Thanks for reading. And please stay tuned for more snowcoveredswamp stuff. We will be rolling out some stuff soon.

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