Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review: Maximum Carnage

I've been wanting to get back into reading comic books for a little while now. Most of my previous knowledge came from just random stuff I've picked up here and there. Anyway I decided to pick up Maximum Carnage seeing as I like Spiderman and Carnage and my friend said this was basically the best...I was not disappointed.

I'm going to actually keep this short because I'm not good at reviews without spoilers. This is a great pick up no matter what level of comic reading you are into. It doesn't require much previous knowledge and the little it does they explain in the story. It is fun because superheroes but actually does have deeper themes to get into if you wanna get into it past the surface. I'm not saying its a life changing read but there is enough to draw you in for sure. I read it in about a day of casual on/off reading and the price tag is about $15 and I would say its well worth it.


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