Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Borderlands 2: Ultimate Drink Hunter!

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Well guys it's that time again...another SCS drinking game! If you missed our first one it was a Mtg game for Commander called Comman-drunk. Any way this time it was based off of our recent addiction Borderlands 2. Above you will find our Beta test of this game live on stream, that is part 1, part 2 is on our channel. Lets get to the rules shall we?

Borderland 2: Ultimate Drink Hunter!

Players: 2-4 (because you should never drink alone)
Drink: Beer
Intensity: Boss Fight (which means very drunk)

Overall rules:

One Drink Rules
-Stealing a Second Wind
-Receiving a Badass Rank
-Spoken to by Handsome Jack or Angel (Not just them talking, only when they speak directly to the party)
-A Character is introduced by a splash screen

Two Drink Rules:
-If Jack taunts you instead take 2 drinks

Three Drink Rules:
-Handsome Jack Whistles

Finish your drink:
-Total party kill (Everyone in your party dies at once an no one can second wind)
-A main character dies (in memorandum)

Ultimate Drink Hunter Rule (Optional):
-If you are dying waterfall your drink (As long as you have a decaying red bar on your screen you continuously drink your drink. You may stop if you are being revived)

Class Specific Rules:

Whenever all of your turrets die (not time out just get destroyed), take a drink.

Whenever a Phaselocked target does not die, take a drink

Whenever you gunzerk outside of combat, take a drink

Whenever you activate Decepti0n and do not kill something, take a drink.

Well there you have it, basically what we tried to do was ensure that even if you were doing well you would have some mild drinking going on but mess up's were punished severely. The class specific skills were all based around the action skill of each person and we didn't do the DLC classes because well...we haven't played them enough. In that some vein this was written for the main storyline but you guys can suggest other rules for the DLC campaigns or just other rules in general in the comments. We played with most of these rules including the optional Drink Hunter rule in the video we hope you enjoy we got quite silly in it.

Remember if you are going to play this game: Drink Responsibly, Know Your Limits, and Don't Drive. The last thing we want is any of you getting hurt this is purely for entertainment.

The last thing I will leave you with is one more clip from the nigh, enjoy and we will see you Sunday!

Watch live video from SnowCoveredSwamp on TwitchTV

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