Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bangchuckers #13

YAAAARRRRR HAAARRRRRRR....ahh fuck it I'm too tired and my voice hurts. Sorry for the late comic, we had just a short delay and I worked and such but I think I made it just before the midnight mark.

But...Its the conclusion of the wellwisher comic! YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAY! the first one was called wish granted....but fuck you I didnt notice...YOU LIKE ON TIME COMICS RIGHT??? Thats what I thought...ok time to end this article I'm getting belligerent. (ps it was talk like a pirate day...hence the intro. I love you all).

Bangchuckers! - Wellwisher pt2

Relevant cards!
Lightning bolt
Consume the Meek
and everything from last comic

Damn I love these alt universe comics....we always look so badass.

See you next time!

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