Friday, September 14, 2012


What we think RtR is pushing:

At this point I'm just doing acronym thing to piss Lolzor off. So this week we are going to talk about what meta's exist, and what meta's they are trying to be pushing for.

So let's see what kind of a list we can make.
G/W tokens
R/U Counterburn
G/B Golgari
Suicide black

Obviously there are one of every color and probably an artifact shift for each of these, but in general. I missed a whole bunch but let's take a look at all of these.

Ravnica is known for the two-color guilds. Each one obviously has their own flavor.

Ever since Innistrad, Wizards has been pushing for an aggro meta--as evident by the removal (non-reprinting) of Mana Leak and Day of Judgement. Monored Burn is always thrown a bone every set so it's never particularly amazing in standard. The closest that they had last time was with Lightning Bolt in Standard. It's not a particular one that is fun to play again, since your success with the deck largely determined by your opening hand.

Monoblue is largely the opposite. (Go figure, red and blue are enemies.) It encourages stalemates and dragging out to the long game. Low cost defensive spells and high cost win spells. Obviously best supported with Black or White, the two allied colors of blue. Once again, wizards doesn't encourage this style of play, but blue is always thrown a bone every set. They'd like to prevent another Mind Sculptor.

Monogreen and monowhite are the most "encouraged" by wizards. Any Timmy loves this too. Big dudes or lot's of moderate soldier dudes swinging at you. Somewhat looked down upon by more experienced players as it's strategy is very straightforward. Draw swing cast. Oldest strategy and still surprisingly effective.

Although since Innistrad, G/W Tokens has made some shows. Maybe not as much as Delver of Secrets but still seen. With the new mechanic Populate, we might see more of these played. At least until one particular deck begins to dominate.

Red-blue counterburn. A personal favorite of mine. This is not really a deck, but it somehow gets revived every once in a while--creating it's own Archetype. Way back when there was Kiln Fiend. It wasn't called RU Counterburn. It was called Kiln Fiend, because that card was insane. Since Delver and Snapcaster came out, it also has seen a lot of play. It's not a particular archetype as mentioned earlier but it combines highly efficient cards with direct-to-the-dome damage. I don't know the cards in particular, but I know Lolzor mentioned some spoilers of very efficient "counterburn" cards. Also with the return of the Izzet guild, we are definitely going to see this be more prevalent.

Golgari. Lolzor's personal favorite. Once again, not really a deck and more of something that makes its own archetype. Returning with Golgari guild in Ravnica. We might see more, but I know not as much information on this as Lolzor.

Me and Lolzor didn't really talk a lot last night but this was the basic gyst of we wanted to say. It's a bit rushed and not as thought as we liked, but we hope you enjoy it.

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