Thursday, September 6, 2012

So I'm excited...

New planeswalker. G/B. And she looks fucking awesome.
In my opinion she is the first true pw of those colors (Garruk was cool and all but more the flavor of the set than the colors).
For those who don't know I'm a heavy jund player, and I started play in green black. So obviously I was super excited to hear about a planeswalker...excited but hesitant. Usually golgari things end up being over costed or under powered in my opinion. She seems for sure playable and strong in a few formats.

Let's review her shall we?

Cost- 3GB
ok so 5 cost, kinda mana intensive...a bit more than your average planeswalker but over all not a deterrent. (no like Nicol Bolas price)

First ability  +1
Ok so I really like this ability its a plus 1 so its a standard growth and its insane self protection you an just ping away at her, you cant full swing at her, and if you send ur bigger guy he is gone. You basically profit no matter what.

Second ability -3
Simple and effective. higher than a normal cost but its an intense ability to have on repeat. good utility something that truly appeals to me

Final -7
Annnnndddddd a solid final move. 3 1/1's that instant win...pretty insane. Yea they are squish and vunerable but high risk high reward could be killer (HAHA GET IT?) in edh. Very in color and not too expensive for a 3rd ability.

Final thoughts

She isnt broken, she isnt terrible. She is a good pw.

Coming in at 5 counters is nice, repeatable spot removal is good, her plus one is nice if not only a little meh because it only saves her. her final is definatly worth its cost but does have to be set up a bit.
Nothing ground breaking but i think very good and may be seeing some play depending on the rest of the set.

Im sure Sefah will come in and tell me how wrong I am but too bad!

(this may be a little awkwardly formatted and typoy cuz im writing this on my 8 in the morning...but I hope little shit like this can make up a bit for the lack of content as of late)

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