Friday, August 2, 2013

Crack A Pack Day!

Starts at 24:00 (ignoring 24 minutes of banter)

Hey guys! So in case you missed it Me and Sefah did a bit of a fail stream to celebrate the Crack a Pack day that Wizards made up. We attempted to pack war with...difficulty. Here is a quick recap for you lazy fools who don't wanna watch.

T1: Stealer of Secrets
T2: Mind Rot targeting Lolzor. He discards Nivix Guildmage and Electrickery. End of turn, Cycling Crosstown Courier (pack war rule)
T3: Draw, swing for 2, draw. Main phase two: Fencing Ace
T4: Flinthoof Boar
T5: Draw, Lolzor swings with the board. I block the Fencing Ace. Before combat damage Annihilating Fire, in response Safe Passage. Combat damage, Fencing Ace is destroyed.
T6: Elvish Visionary, pass.
T7: Search Warrant revealing: Gem of Becoming, Fog, Craterize, Warpriest of Thune, Chandra's Fury, Archeomancer, Essence Scatter. Lolzor gains 7 life. End of Turn Chandra's Fury.
T8: Resolve Liliana of the Dark Realms, use her +1. Swing with Flinthoof. Lolzor blocks with Stealer and Savage Surge's it. Flinthoof Boar is destroyed.
T9: Centaur's Herald. In response: Essence Scatter. Swing for 2 at Liliana, chump block with Elvish Visionary.
T10: Activate Liliana's -3 to kill Stealer of Secrets. Archaeomancer bringing back Essence Scatter.
T11: Dead Reveler, in response Essence Scatter.
T12: Swing for 1. Play Walking Corpse. Use Liliana's +1.
T13: Archon of Triumvirate, pass.
T14: Warpriest of Thune, activate Liliana's +1, pass.
T15: Swing with Archon at Liliana, detaining Warpriest and Walking Dead. In response: Fog.
T16: Activate Liliana's -3 to kill Archon. Lolzor concedes.

"You lost to a misplay."
"Story of my life."

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