Wednesday, December 11, 2013

25k views celebration!

25,000 views celebration!
Unfortunately the last time we made a major benchmark on SnowCoveredSwamp, we really didn't celebrate in any big ways. We just kind of mentioned it and forgot about it.

Well this time we are doing something totally different!


The rules are simple:
We get a free trial server. In this particular case we will try out's 48-hour trial server.
We beat the game. What constitutes beating the game? Obviously killing the final boss and watching the credits.

It's kind of a pass-or-fail thing. So we could definitely disappoint you guys.

So if you look forward to a speedrun of someone who doesn't know a whole lot about minecraft, and seeing a sleep-deprived person. You should definitely tune in to our SCS Live! stream.

This post is kind of pre-emptive because we hit 25,000 views, but me (Sefah) and Lolzor will work on scheduling issues on when this can and will happen. It's probably going to be on the weekend to be honest.

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