Friday, December 13, 2013

Minecraft Day 1!

Hey guys so we are alittle over 12 hours into our run of Minecraft quick update. We are taking a break till probably 4 o clock tomorrow for mental health but we are on the home stretch.

Phase 1: Set up base/amass supplies - Done
Phase 2: Go to Hell beat the shit out of Blazes and get Blaze rods (10/10 found)
Phase 3: Go to the Over World beat the shit outta Endermen and get their souls (2/12 found)
Phase 4: Open a portal to The End, fight the Dragon, Get Bitches!

We have a good spot to farm the Enderman and some Diamond Swords so tomorrow we will finish and get those credits rolling.

Side note the pictures above are part of a side goal, we are trying to find the best example of a SnowCoveredSwamp in yea enjoy and see you tomorrow for part 2!

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