Saturday, June 2, 2012

IPotW #22

Interesting Play of the Week #22:

Alright, so I broke down and sold my Gravecrawler for all the commons/uncommons I needed for a silly deck I was thinking of. It was featured on an IPotW a while ago, but now I have it legitmately on MTGO. I'm having a blast with it. This week is feature another winning (calling out Lolzor) game that I had.

My opening hand was: Mountain, Island, Burning Vengeance, Burning Vengeance, Silent Departure, Bump in the Night, and Rolling Temblor. I kept it, because I was being greedy. But it ended up paying off.

The game started out slow:

T1: Island
T2: Swamp
T3: Mountain
T4: Island
T5: Island, Burning Vengeance. resp. Mana Leak
T6: Woodland Cemetery
T7: Burning Vengeance, End of turn Snapcaster Mage
T8: Forest, Swing for 2.
T9: Draw, go.
T10: Forest, Gutter Grime, Swing for 2. End of turn Think Twice.
T11: Swamp, Bump in the Night.
T12: Island, Reassembling Skeleton. (At this point I'm beginning to see his deck.) Before combat flashback Think Twice, Burning Vengeance triggers and deals 2 damage to Snapcaster Mage. Gutter Grime triggers and he gets a 1/1 ooze.
T13: Mountain, Silent Departure the Skeleton.
T14: Woodland Cemetary, Reassembling Skeleton, Solemn Simulacrum searching for an Island. Swing for 1. End of Turn, Think Twice.
T15: Flashback Bump in the Night, Burning Vengeance dealing two damage to Solemn Simulacrum. Gutter Grime triggers and he gets another ooze.
T16: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, swing for 5.
T17: Rolling Temblor, resp. activated Grimgrin to devour Reassembling Skeleton, making another ooze, and now they are all 3/3's. I cast a second Rolling Temblor, in response he devours all 3 tokens making Grimgrin a 9/9. Silent Departure Grimgrin. End of turn, Activate Reassembling Skeleton from the graveyard.
T18: Demonic Rising, swing for 1. End of turn he gets a 5/5 Flying Demon.
T19: Bump in the Night. Flashback Bump in the Night triggering Burning Vengeance, dealing a total of 8 damage to him.
T20: Forest, Swing for 6. I'm at 3.
T21: Silent Departure the Demon token.
T22: Swing for 1. Grimgrin. End of turn flashback Think Twice triggering Burning Vengeance. Luckily I draw into a Desperate Ravings, which discards Geistflame.
T23: Flashback Geistflame triggering Burning Vengeance for game.

Thanks for reading, and I'll tag all the cards later.

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