Monday, June 25, 2012

MUCMonday #25

Making Up Cards Monday #25:

So yes, SCS has been behind on the RCotD. I will start typing this one out and do an IPotW due to increased downtime. I also miss saying this:

Either way, you can read the cards and judge them for yourselves.

Breeding Grounds - 2GGG
All creatures you control have “At the beginning of your end step, if this creature becomes blocked and is not a token, you may put a copy of this creature as a token onto the battlefield.

Lolzor had the idea for this one. He really liked Doubling Chant but wanted something to be pertually "breeding". So we came up with this card, but disagreed on the mana cost.

I insisted on something this powerful should be at least 6 mana, yet if it hit 6 mana, the card would be worthless.

So we upped the mana intensivity (is that a word?) to lower the cost.

Lord of Demons - 4BBB
Legendary Creature - Demon
During your upkeep, if you control a Demon other than Lord of Demons, you may destroy target non-Demon creature. Otherwise, tap Lord of Demons and it deals 7 damage to you.

A Lord of the Pit/Reaper from the Abyss

Benefit: you don't have to trigger Morbid. Downside: sacrificing creatures. Possibly Eldrazi Spawn

Sanctity Offering - 1W
Destroy target enchantment. You gain life equal to its converted mana cost.

Basically an enchantment version of Divine Offering. I wasn't being very creative here.

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