Monday, June 25, 2012

IPotW #24

Interesting Play of the Week #24:

This week I will be typing up a game that I had in a new format I have discovered: Vanguard - Momir.

If you are unfamiliar with it Vanguard works like baby-EDH. Momir specifically is you only play with the Avatar Momir Vig, Simic Visionary. Go ahead click that link. Read the card and realize how crazy this format is.

You play with a deck of 60 basic lands. No creature-lands. No dual-lands. Though I'm pretty sure snow-lands are allowed. I don't think they will ever come up though.

I suppose it's not very important to tell what the starting hands are, simply because they are all lands.

T1: Mountain
T2: Mountain
T3: Mountain, Ringskipper
T4: Mountain, Stromgald Crusader
T5: Swamp, swing for 1
T6: Mountain, swing for 2, Teferi's Honor Guard
T7: Forest, swing for 1
T8: Mountain, Mind Maggots, swing for 4
T9: Forest, Pestilent Souleater
T10: Swamp, Hyalopterous Lemure, swing for 2
T11: Swamp, The Lady of the Mountain, swing for 3.
T12: Mountain, Angel of Fury, activate Lemure's ability, swing for 3.
T13: Mountain, Supreme Exemplar. I don't have an Elemental to Champion, so it dies.
T14: Mountain, activate Lemure, swing for 6, Duskdale Wurm. (Life 7-19)
T15: Mountain, last ditch effort: Boom. Avacyn, Angel of Hope.
T16: Mountain, Angel of Salvation.
T17: Swamp, Thing from the Deep, swing for 8, he activates Stromgald Crusader and blocks Avacyn for no damage. Main phase 2: Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

Now there wasn't very much he could do now, he was going to win the game through fliers but then I got two lucky draws in a row. I would say about 60% of my games end this way, and most of the time it's because someone drew a Platinum Angel/Platinum Emperion. We play out a couple more turns as I beat him down with my now 10/10 indestructible Avacyn before he concedes.

The Avatar of Momir itself costs about $10, but you can get it off humans for about $9 if you look around and trade. It's a really chaotic format where you lose games you should have won and win games you should have lost. It's lots of fun, and I would estimate it's about 60% skill and 40% luck. Which is pretty significant in a supposedly "all luck format".

Well I hope you enjoyed today's IPotW, maybe I'll do another Momir later, but the same thing happens every good game of Momir.

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