Friday, June 8, 2012

IPotW #23

Interesting Play of the Week #23:

So I finally got Lolzor into MTGO. I managed to grab a bunch of commons for him, and slowly traded between a bunch of players to get some quality uncommons and a few rares for him. It worked out, because I got a few too.

Lolzor rolled first. His starting hand (which I only found out after) was Swamp, Swamp, Arachnus Web, Arachnus Web, Young Wolf, Doom Blade, Kessig Recluse

I kept my starting hand: Island, Delver of Secrets, Ponder, Mana Leak, Intangible Virtue, Timely Reinforcements, Timely Reinforcements.

For some reason, both me and Lolzor were greedy in our opening hands and kept them.

T1: Swamp
T2: Island, Delver
T3: Swamp, Doom Blade the Delver
T4: Ponder, Plains, Doomed Traveler
T5: Swamp
T6: Swing for 1. Doomed Traveler.
T7: Swamp
T8: Swing for 2. Intangible Virtue.
T9: Forest, Young Wolf
T10: Swing for 2--no blocks.
T11: Swing for 1
T12: Evolving Wilds, swing for 2.
T13: Swamp, swing for 1, Arachnus Web on Doomed Traveler. End of turn crack Evolving Wilds for an Island.
T14: Doomed Traveler.
T15: Forest, Kessig Recluse. Swing with Young Wolf, block with Doomed Traveler, Doom Blade the Spirit Token, resp. Mana Leak.
T16: Vapor Snag the Kessig Recluse, swing for 3. No blocks. Life totals are Lolzor: 8, Sefah: 18
T17: Arachnus Web the Spirit Token. Dark Thicket Wolf.
T18: Evolving Wilds, swing with Doomed Traveler, blocked by Dark Thicket Wolf. I get a spirit token.
T19: Kessig Recluse, swing for 4, no blocks. End of Turn, Vapor Snag the Arachnus Web'd Doomed Traveler, crack the Evolving Wilds for a Plains
T20: Timely Reinforcements. Doomed Travler.
T21: Young Wolf, Young Wolf.
T22: Swing with 3 2/2 soldier's and a 2/2 spirit. Block the spirit with the spider, block each of the soldiers with a Young Wolf. The 2/2 Wolf dies, and the other come back with Undying. Main Phase 2: Stitchers Apprentice.
T23: Kessig Cagebreakers.
T24: Haunted Fengraf, Back from the Brink.
T25: Swing the board: Darkthicket Wolf, Young Wolf, Young Wolf, Kessig Recluse, and a Kessig Cagebreakers. Lolzor only has one card in his graveyard and gets a 2/2 wolf attacking. Block the Kessig Cage Breakers with Doomed Traveler, Soldier with Young Wolf to trade. Lolzor pumps Dark Thicket Wolf and I go down to 1 life. Main phase 2: Spider Spawning getting 2 1/2 spiders.
T26: Timely Reinforcements gaining 6 life and 3 2/2 Soldiers, activate Back from the Brink exiling Doomed Traveler to get a token of it. Swing with the Spirit token and a Soldier token. Lolzor chump blocks each of them with a spider.
T27: Lolzor swing with the board again: Darkthicket Wolf, Young Wolf, Kessig Recluse, and a Kessig Cagebreakers and a 2/2 wolf token. Lolzor has two creatures in his graveyard now so he gets two more wolves. Since Lolzor has one card in hand, I triple block the Cagebreakers in case it's a Doom Blade, block the Darkthicket Wolf with the Doomed Traveler token, trade the spirit token and another soldier token for two wolf tokens, take 6 damage from Young Wolf, Kessig Recluse and a Wolf token. Doomed Traveler dies and I get a spirit token. Main phase 2: flashback Spider Spawning and get 4 1/2 spiders. End of turn activate Stitchers Apprentice to get a 2/2 (now 3/3 with Intangible Virtue) Homunculus, sacrificing the Archnus Web'd Spirit Token.
T28: Island. Swing with two soldiers, a spirit token and the Homunculus. Lolzor double blocks a soldier and the spirit token with his spiders. Main phase 2: Timely Reinforcements, gaining 6 life and three more soldier tokens. Back from the Brink activates twice for Delver of Secrets and another Doomed Traveler. Life totals are now Lolzor: 3, Sefah: 7
T29: Boneyard Wurm as a 4/4, and Arachnus Web on Delver of Secrets. End of turn, activate Sticher's Apprentice to get a Homunculus and sacrifice the Arachnus Web'd Delver.
T30: Swing with four soldier tokens, two Homunculus tokens, and a Doomed Traveler token. Lolzor blocks the Homunculii with Boneyard Wurm and Kessig Recluse, the Soldier with a Wolf token, a 2/2 Young Wolf, and chump blocks the other two with his remaining spider, taking only two damage from Doomed Traveler. Boneyard Wurm is now a 6/6. Main phase 2: Perilous Myr, activating Stitcher's Apprentice to kill it dealing 2 damage to win the game.

It was a pretty crazy game. Not so much plays as much as definitely thinking which creatures to block since there were about 10 creature on the fields at a lot of points in the game. I wouldn't consider this format Standard as me and Lolzor are playing with limited cards (namely commons and uncommons) with very few rares, but it really shows the strengths of each deck when you really drag out a match.

Thanks for reading this weeks IPotW and I hope you enjoyed it! Tags coming soon..

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