Monday, July 29, 2013

RCotD #215

Random Card of the Day #215:

City of Shadows
T: Exile a creature: Put a storage counter on City of Shadows
T: Add X to your mana pool where X is the numebr of storage counters on City of Shadows

Hey guys sorry for the late caught up in borderlands and that new Wolverine movie (which is worth a watch by the way). Any way let's look at the card we have here. I'm gonna start off by saying I like it it's interesting and has potential. That being said I dont think it's necessarily a good card. It's a storage land and the gimmick is you don't lose the counters. The thing I don't like about this land is the exile, it's not in anyway abuseable. You don't get a sacrifice effect or a "dies" trigger or an enter graveyard trigger so you can't count it as an outlet for that. Also even if you could get a creature once a turn its a very slow process, The idea is solid but there are just better lands for the slot...I'm sure it could fill a nifty role in a casual deck or a niche trick in edh. 3/5

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