Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SCS Update

SCS Update:

Hey guys so starting this week we are having a bit of a schedule change here at Snow Covered Swamp.

Monday: Magic
Wednesday: Free Article (Written by Sefah/Lolzor)
Friday: Bonus Stuff
Sunday: SCS Live (Stream)

So, why the changes? Well honestly me and Sefah have been dropping the ball on our personal articles and I want to change that. So to try to offer more content while not over burdening our personal schedules we are condensing our personal articles to one day. Ideally me and Sefah will switch off weeks give us 2 weeks to write an article and you guys get an article each week.
Now on top of that we are gonna try and put some bonus content on Friday when we have it. Don't expect it every week but if we have a chance to deliver something check for it on Friday.

Everything else stays the same, streams have been fun they aren't going anywhere. Alright guys I'm done here, Sefah will have his first article tommorow. Remember to share us with your friends...or else.

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