Monday, September 30, 2013

All the Magic!

So this weekend me and Sefah got together in person (hence our console stream) but also we were joined by our buddy MourningPhoenix (aka Trevor). Now when ever us three get together we tend to play Magic...a lot of Magic. And that's what ended up happening loads of EDH, trading, playing "Modern" (I did finally finish my decks), and in a surprise turn of events me and Sefah even got into a RTR Block Sealed on Magic Online. I'm going to post the stream of our sealed below and some fun interactions that happened in some of our EDH Games. There is a small issue with sound for the first 2 minutes.

Watch live video from SnowCoveredSwamp on TwitchTV

Watch us ignore a viewer for 15 min >_<

EDH Hightlights:

1. Mourning Phoenix has Mycrosynth Lattice on field with Darksteel Forge. PennyLane plays Merciless Eviction and restarts the game.

2. Mourning Phoenix drops a Jace the Mindsculptor uses +0 for "Brainstorm". In response Sefah plays Notion Thief netting 3 cards and losing Phoenix 2 cards.

3. Sefah stole a Sunblast Angel that was enchanted with Gift of Immmortality, repeatedly swung into Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts to trigger repeatedly.

4. Lolzor plays a Mind Rot into a Possibility Storm to pull Ashes to Ashes to deal with 2 on board Ulamogs. Next turn Devil's Play for 9 damage with Rakdos Lord of Riots on field drop Artisan of Kozilek bringing back Bloodhunter Bat to play Darksteel Colossus.

5. Mourning Phoenix plays Enter the Infinite pulls Deck. Next turn play Labratory Maniac in response is forced to draw from another players Mikokoro

Well hope you guys enjoyed the sealed and some fun plays. See you guys Wednesday

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