Monday, September 2, 2013

Theros Spoiler 2 (Free Article Train AWWW YEAAAA)

Ok so we have had a shit ton of spoilers. I'm just gonna get this out of the way: HOLY CRAP THOUGHTSIEZE AND MAGMA JET! Alright sweet, now we can talk about new stuff.

Sweet so lets start with this guy here. I picked this particular rare because I thought he was interesting. 6 cost 5/6 that turns all your humans into pingers. Not amazing but a fun card.

Ok so now we have this guy. Why do I bring up this common? Well because I was hoping to see Tendrils of Corruption but with a "Devotion" flair but I'm gonna have to settle for a creature that does it instead.

We have seen this card in every different form at this point, I'm just surprised its not an elf. It'll be good since mono color or at the most 2 color decks are being pushed now. 

Alright now on to the good stuff. When I saw Magma Jet I was super excited. The reason is that scry was basically spoiled. Now these 2 cards are the best examples of it beside the aforementioned red card (Sefah may or may not agree). Read the Bones is a Sign in Blood but you get to scry 2 first...solid power adding 1 colorless to scry 2. Voyage's End seems super strong to me, yes it is a 2 cost bounce creature but  in standard play I can see this getting alot of action.

Lastly there is Elspeth. Not nearly the god send fake card we saw earlier. She is gonna be fun in EDH but i just don't see her in standard. She is 6 mana which is rough in this aggressive meta. Her abilities are very good though so she isn't awful though I think her -7 is a tad weak. Unless the format slows waaaaayyyy down I just don't see her played anywhere (not to say they wont try)

Ok thats all for today I may post more on Friday since we only scratched the surface but this should hold you for now

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