Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What is a sport?

What is a sport?

Lately I've been wondering about this and I've been wanting to put it in words. It's been about, well, exactly the title of the article: what is a sport? Some think that it is a physical activity, normally put in teams. But chess is recognized as a worldwide sport, and even has drug-testing now for higher competitions. (Crazy, right?)

So surely it's just competing, right? Bowling is considered a sport, so is golf. I'm here to say I disagree with that. My personal definition of a sport is something that involves competition; but more importantly, in a head-to-head competition that interacts with your opponent's.

Bowling and Golf are score based games. There's a certain "perfect" score you can attain, although they may be highly unrealistic. You really don't play against each other, you play against a scoreboard or leaderboard. I would consider Billiards/Pool is more a sport than those. Another example of a simple head-to-head competition would be pingpong or table tennis.

The reason I write this is because of e-sports. I have been a huge fan of it lately. And I think competition is just as fierce as it is in several other sports. The training regiments that are implemented for cyberathletes are very identical to other professional athletes.

tl;dr It's about competing against one another, not setting a high score. If you don't play against anyone, it is not a sport.

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