Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's totally not Megaman...

Hey guys its Wednesday and it's my turn to write this week so let's begin. I'm using my article to bring light to a project that I really wanna see get to it highest potential.

As most people know we here at SCS love Megaman, it's just an amazing series. Now Capcom has not been to kind to our franchise as of late, but what if we could just let the developers make us a megaman game and kick Capcom out of the picture? Well basically that's what happened. Keiji Inafune  is one of the grandfathers of the Megaman and has started his own game company along with other veterans of the series in an attempt to make a "Classic Japanese" side scroller. Now the game is about a robot who fights other robots and gets their powers...but its not Megaman, this new hero is Beck aka Mighty No 9. Now this project was mostly met with a shut up and take my money feel but there is still criticism floating around there. Most of the negative light is about unoriginal games and remake of old characters is holding us back, as well as general mistrust of Kickstarter (where the funding for this project is being held) since the DoubleFine issues.

Over all though the game looks to be very awesome, the team as been very communicative, and its very hard not to be excited. I've already done my share and pledged and it passed its start up goal in a matter of hours...but these stretch goals are very enticing and if you think its worth being made than its worth a few bucks to make sure its the best possible.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter page: Mighty No 9

Not Megaman <_<

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