Sunday, November 10, 2013

Poros, Time Lords, and the Desert Bus.

So you may have noticed a few things popping up on out Twitter and Facebook...those things kinda look like the picture above. Well good job on noticing because its that time of year again! What time is that you ask? Well it's Desert Bus time! Which, for the uninformed, is a charity event put on by the fine people over at LoadingReadyRun. Basically they play a video game known as Desert Bus for as long as we keep donating. The game itself is possible torture but its torture for a good cause. For more info go to that fancy website in the graphic.

So why is SnowCoveredSwamp advertising for another site? Well duh we like charity and also Lolzor has been an avid donater since DB2 and Baalhrezem since I believe DB4. This is just a great event for a great charity.

As an added bonus Stream watcher and friend of the site PennyLane has a piece in the give aways! She has been nice enough to link our site in her post (Having no actual site of her own)

And on top of that our old comic artist Azyzl has 2 items as well (Surprisingly not pony related)

Anyway that's enough of that. Watch and donate it starts next week.

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