Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RCotD #220

Random Card of the Day #220:

Rotted Hystrix - 4G
Creature - Beast

Well this isn't a very interesting card to talk about. It's a vanilla green creature that's very splashable.

So instead I'll reiterate something I mentioned about mana costs and break even points for vanilla creatures.

1-cost 1/1
2-cost 2/2
3-cost 3/3
4-cost 4/5
5-cost 6/6
6-cost 7/8
7-cost 9/9

These are the baselines for "good" vanilla creatures. The reason is that basically up 3 mana, there is not much of a use. But you aren't guaranteed 4 lands in a hand, and anything beyond that becomes more valueable (as it should be--the more mana you put into a spell the better).

Color intensity also matters. So for example a 2-cost GG should be a 3/2 or 2/3. See: Garruk's Companion. For GGG you can get Leatherback Baloth.

Making it multi-colored also makes it's value increase as you aren't guaranteed the colors. Such as a GW 3/3 Watchwolf or RGW Woolly Thoctar.

But as a vanilla creature, it will never see constructed play.
It could be okay in draft. 20-23rd card.

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