Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey guys! THIS IS A PLUG!

Hey, Sean here, I just wanted to drop this little flyer here for desert bus. Desert Bus is an amazing charity event put on by the crew at LoadingReadyRun, and as I am an avid follower of them and a big supporter of Child's Play...I figured I'd give this a bump.

Need incentive to tune in, or to donate? How about an uncut sheet of Innistrad foil rares? Not a good enough set? How about a all of M12 foil and in Japaneese? These are just some of the amazing giveaways or auctions that will be going on during the event and it's not just Magic prizes that have tons of prizes ranging from fan made crafts, to limited edition video game prizes and even hats!

So check it out its starts this friday at 6pm PST!

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