Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Card of the Day #13

Random Card of the Day #13:

Emissary of Despair - 1BB
Creature - Spirit
Whenever Emissary of Despair deals combat damage to a player, that player loses 1 life for each artifact he or she controls.

Initial thoughts:

It's a sideboard card. And an iffy one at that. It's difficult to explain. You only have 15 cards in your sideboard, and those 15 cards shouldn't be so specifically directed to say an artifact deck. This card is if you know you are playing an artifact deck. But otherwise it's a pretty lacking 3-cost 2/1. But for your sideboard you are better off playing something like something that is more likely to direct at the colors or archetype your opponents may be playing.

For example Deathmark is especially more effective against green and white over say a Doom Blade. It costs less and can get around G/B or other multi-colored creatures, such as Glissa, the Traitor. Or Infest. This card is particularly suited against swarm decks. Against control decks, if you can get it to resolve, play Head Games. You basically completely change your opponents hand. This card is absolutely brutal if you're winning. Otherwise you can stick to something simple like a Pithing Needle.

The point is, as a sideboard card, it is too narrow of a scope to be considered "main-decking" in your sideboard--if that makes any sense. It's still a decent card if it's relevant. If it's not relevant it falls off really quick in usefulness and almost any other creature would be better. Like Hypnotic Specter. I suspect this card was particularly amazing in the Mirrodinn Block or in Limited, when everyone had to be playing Artifacts because of the set. Kind of like how everyone was main-decking Divine Offering and Into the Core in Scars of Mirrodin sealed and limited. It is also important to note that Emissary's effect causes loss of life, which can't be prevented. If it was ever relevant with something like Reinforced Bulwark.

I'll give it a 3/5 if it's effect is relevant. It was probably a 4/5 in Limited.

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