Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Card of the Day #7

Random Card of the Day #7:

Kami of Old Stone - 3W
Creature - Spirit

Initial Thoughts:

Meh. A four-cost "Defender". This card doesn't do anything. I suppose that's the problem. Defender cards, in my opinion, are supposed to be cheap so they can deal with aggro decks, and hopefully allow you to play more powerful cards.

Every time I would see this card being useful, there is another card that does it better. At four-cost, I would rather play Day of Judgement to deal with whatever's attacking me. Earlier in the game I would be playing Wall of Omens which would still stop most of everything that's attacking you, and lets you draw a card.

It just doesn't do anything really. It's suppose to stall the game, but at four mana you should casting spells to start winning the game. At four mana I would rather play Cloud Crusader or Razorfoot Griffin. These are four-costs that might be more easily removed, but serve a better purpose for both offense and defense. If I wanted an immovable wall that completely deterred attackers, I would rather play an enchantment such as Norn's Annex or Lightmine Field--one of which you could get out a lot faster. But if it had to be a creature for other reasons, Wall of Reverence would take it's place.

A bad card, but it's not completely useless. 2/5

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