Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Card of the Day #19

Random Card of the Day #19:

Quicksilver Dragon - 4UU
Creature - Dragon
U: If target spell has only one target and that target is Quicksilver Dragon, change that spell's target to another creature
Morph 4U

Initial thoughts:

Probably why Spellskite is considered a great card, it changes targets of your opponent's spells. Spellskite is a little different because it saves your own creatures where as Quicksilver Dragon will only save itself.

It doesn't help you if he's the only creature on the field, and it still won't save you from Titanic Growth or Slaughter Cry, but it will dodge a lot of removal most of the time. Not to mention simply by him being on the field, your opponent will have to think twice about playing any removal spells.

It's morph cost seems overpriced. The way I see it you are in a losing scenario, you top draw this and play it face down. Your opponent bolts or Doom Blade's it, you morph it and change the target. 9 mana to 2-for-0 your opponent. (3 card swing if you consider that you got a card and they lost 2.) I mean it could be 6 mana if you hardcast it, but then your opponent would see the play coming and would most likely not cast anything targeting it.

It definitely seems like one of those monoblue cards that win games--but I think I might stick to Frost Titan for a 6-drop control. Or just splash a different color to try and win the game. Monoblue is the weakest of monocolors in my opinion.

Either way, a really powerful card. But it's cost effectiveness and the fact that your opponent can see it coming unless you pay nine mana is a huge drawback. It's still a 5/5 flier, but it's difficult to say as competent player won't fall for the re-target, and any exceptionally skilled player knows to stay away from face-down cards, unless you know what it is.

A 3/5 creature. It's abilities almost make me push it to a 4/5 but I just can't see it being more than a vanilla creature 90% of the time.

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