Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Card of the Day #3

Random Card of the Day #3:

Stonybrook Schoolmaster - 2W
Creature - Merfolk Wizard
Whenever Stonybrook Schoolmaster becomes tapped, you may put a 1/1 blue Merfolk Wizard creature token into play.

Initial thoughts:

A nifty card. It needs to be an early drop for it to be useful. It won't exactly save games for you, or allow 2-for-1's on your opponent, but it also enables small combos. It would somewhat prevent white weenie control decks, say against Gideon's Lawkeeper or more expensively a Dawnglare Invoker. Actually those creatures would work well with yourself too.

It helps you enormously when winning. Would probably fit perfect into a R/W aggro deck.

T1: Stromkirk Noble
T2: Journey to Nowhere or any two-drop
T3: This

Things can get going fast with this card, as long as the board stays clear. Red or White removal is some of the best in the game. (See: Swords to Plowshares)

However, it suffers the same thing that any other creature that is strong, but weak to removal. It's removed by a Doom Blade, Arc Trail (I don't think your opponent would Dismember this, though) You're opponent plays a three-drop 3/3 (say Trained Armodon) and you can't remove it, you can't exactly swing. If your opponent had a 2/1 it could prove to be an interesting trade--you trade creatures and you get a 1/1 blocker which can swing next turn.

A nifty card. 3/5
Merfolk Wizards have a tendency to be in blue, so I might play it with something like Tideforce Elemental...
Maybe it's a 4/5 just for small combos. It should definitely stall the game for a while until you draw the winning card if you get thought two out, or just flat out win if your opponent can't deal with seven 1/1's after a lengthly game.


  1. Notice that Jon/Sefah Wrote this with out me...I would like to ask how you would geth's verdict after stromkirk...seeing as geth is BB and stromkirk is R.
    3/5 at best for my score...nifty, definitely worth it in limited but out side of that even with small combos its just a nifty trick

  2. @Lolzor: Blackcleave Cliffs

  3. I see ur point and raise it "Why is black cleave in a R/W aggro"

  4. Good point. I'll edit the post replacing Geth's Verdict with Journey to Nowhere. Not much a point in splashing black for removal when white has some of the best universal removal