Thursday, December 1, 2011

RCotD #20

Random Card of the Day #20:

Chill - 1U
Red spells cost an additional {2} to cast.

Initial thoughts:

My jaw dropped when I read this card. I didn't know something like that existed for so cheap. I mean it won't be relevant most games, but if this is in your sideboard and it can come out turn two against something like a monored burn... you basically won that game based off purely on the tempo change of your opponent. But I would suspect something like High Seas to be balanced--as in fair costed based off its effect. Gloom is also up there but cost more.

Red doesn't really have any reliable ways to kill Enchantments either. I mean there's cards like Active Volcano and Red Elemental Blast/Pyroblast but Wild Swing perfectly explains the "flavor" or red. You can also try to get rid of it with Crack the Earth or Misguided Rage but your opponent would most likely sacrifice an Island after their sideboard.

Not to mention this doesn't have to be a huge nightmare for just Red if the deck also plays Sleight of Mind. I thought my old legacy card Balduvian Shaman would work, but after reading it more closely it only applies to white enchantments. With that nifty little combo you can slow down a deck to crawl in tempo if they can't deal with it--especially Green and Red who really rely on speed. Not to mention how effective against control with 4-5 cost spells now going to 6-7, which can be about 5 more turns if it isn't dealt with. Once again to reiterate this tempo change/lockdown will only happen if you get the two cards--and only R&D knows how many two card combo's stop games completely, or outright win them... maybe.

Clearly a sideboard card unless you are maindecking both Sleigh of Mind and Chill. With Chill only legal in Legacy it's difficult to have this in your sideboard with Dredge/Storm dominating and more so it's how underrepresented Red or Green is--with the exception of Tarmogoyf, of course.

Still an amazing sideboard card. Worthless if it's irrelevant but I'll give it 4/5 because of the unreliability of knowing the color you are playing.

But 5/5 if you are playing monored. It wins games.

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