Friday, December 9, 2011

RCotD #28

Random Card of the Day #28:

Avatar of Fury - 6RR
Creature - Avatar
If an opponent controls seven or more lands, Avatar of Fury costs {6} less to play.
R: Avatar of Fury gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

Initial thoughts:

I remember reading this card. It was one of those "If you play Red in EDH, you should be playing this card. Auto-include."

Let me try and break down this card. A 6-cost 6/6 flier is about average. So for {2} more, you give it Firebreathing, which is worth about {1} more, and for {1} more mana there is a conditional {6} less cost to it. Early game you can cheat it out with Sneak Attack, late game its a 2-cost 6/6 firebreathing Dragon. (Avatar, whatever)

I'm not sure about auto-include in every deck ever, though. It is a powerful card, one of those "Doom Blade it or Lose." It can pump itself for lethal, and has some evasion. An all-around really powerful card. It may be overcosted but that can be made up for it's conditional 2nd ability.

A definite 4/5 but don't expect it to see a lot of play--a lot of games can end before you get to 8-mana. It can be easier to do that in EDH, but just remember that in EDH there are 3 people dealing with your threats.

If you like this card, you may like it's cycle:
R: Avatar of Fury
G: Avatar of Might

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