Monday, December 26, 2011

Making Up Cards Monday #2

Making Up Card Monday #2:

Welcome back to MUC Mondays on Snow-Covered Swamp. Today I will discuss some of the cards that me and Lolzor have thought up.

Kathaar, the Necromancer - BG
{T}: Destroy target creature with toughness equal to Kathaar, the Necromancer's toughness.
{1}{G}: Kathaar, the Necromancer gains +1/+1 until end of turn.

Lolzor told me of this card when he wanted to make a card. His idea was to make B/G viable. This card on the other hand, I think puts it over the edge.

It's definitely mythic quality, but perhaps the major problem I have is the tap: destroy effect. Most cards with tap: destroy are conditional unless its cmc is greater than 6. Royal Assassin does this at 3 most reliably. Eastern Paladin only target's green creatures, and the most recent one is Evil Twin. Reducing this cost to 2 seemed a little bit too much. Additionally, it has a self-pump. I feel this card would be much better balanced at 1BG or perhaps making it a 0/1 might keep my mind at ease. It's pump effect is pretty expensive so if you though about killing a Hill Giant, well it's going to cost 4 mana. Leatherback Baloth? 8 mana. So it's not really going to kill any big creatures anytime soon, not to mention it paints a really big target on its head. But having a threat that large on turn 2, I think shuts down too many aggro decks and would probably be unhealthy for the meta, making it more into Wurmcoil or token decks. Neither of which I really like. Meh, that's just me complaining. If it was nerfed any more it would probably have to drop in rarity.

Beast Hunter - 2G
Creature - Human
{T}: Deal 1 damage to target creature with toughness 2 or greater. A creature dealt damage this way can't regenerate this turn.

This was the card I made up. Mainly I thought of it when I was playing a match and I ended up Incinerate'ing a 17/17 Mortivore after blocking it with a Mind Control'd Wurmcoil Engine. I felt like there were too few "anti-regenerate" cards that weren't already tagged onto destruction spells like Terror or Annihilate. I was also afraid of giving green a Prodigal Pyromancer so I made the targeting situational. It originally costed 1G but the targeting was only "target Beast" so to make it less situational I increased the cost and made it toughness 2 or higher. It felt right, but perhaps it's now just an iffy sideboard card.

Well, thanks for tuning into MUCMondays. Come back Fridays for IPotWs or everyday for RCotDs!

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