Tuesday, December 27, 2011

RCotD #46

Random Card of the Day #46:

Final Judgement - 4WW
Exile all creatures.

Initial thoughts:

The spell reserved when you absolutely have to kill every single creature on the field, no questions asked. This spell gets around everything you could possibly think of. Almost. One creature can still live through this spell.

The only way this spell won't kill something is if you manage to "hide" it before it's effect goes off. A couple of ways are Safe Haven and Parallax Wave. As well as any creatures with innate bounce effects such as Lantern Spirit or Arcanis the Omnipotent. That doesn't really say the creature doesn't die so much as avoid the spell. Not to mention if you are tapped out your creature will still die anyways.

It's also important that it exiles creatures meaning: it gets around regeneration, it gets around indestructibility, and it doesn't trigger graveyard effects. One of the few ways to kill Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn (actually, Royal Assassin will kill him just fine) or Progenitus and it prevents the shuffling effects.

Aside from bounce effects the only creature this spell won't kill is Norin the Wary. I find it funny that I got this card as random because just the other day I was talking about this card to Lolzor. I was thinking of making an EDH deck with him as the general and a bunch of the red enchantment cards such as Warstorm Surge and Confusion Among the Ranks.

Anyways, basically the number one kill spell in the game. Kills 99% of creatures. If you don't mind it's mana cost, play it. In a format that is allowed this card, you might want to consider putting at least one of these in your deck. At least then you will have an answer to any Eldrazi, hex-proof, or swarm. Day of Judgement almost serves the same purpose, but this cards just raises the bar slightly. Still iffy about 2 more mana for the exile effect, but it's still a 5/5 card.

If I wanted an absolute kill everything...

Absolute White Removal - 4WWW
Split second
Exile all nonland permanents. Then search each player's hand and exile all creature cards in them. Any creatures sent to the graveyard this turn are instead exiled. Exile all graveyards. Each player reveals the top three cards of his or her library. Exile all creature cards revealed this way.

Damn. Norin the Wary still lives through this. I kind of forgot he dodges split second cards.

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