Sunday, December 11, 2011

RCotD #30

Random Card of the Day #30:

Consuming Vortex - 1U
Instant - Arcane
Return target creature to its owner's hand.
Splice onto Arcane {3}{U}

Initial thoughts:

I like this card. It's not too overcosted. For just U you can play Unsummon or Vapor Snag, so for 1 more mana, it is an Arcane spell, which more importantly can be spliced onto things or splice other spells onto itself.

It might be a bit of bias but I use this card in my EDH deck. I don't exactly have tons of recursion spells which is important in an EDH deck, so I try to get around it by splicing. I tried to use as many arcane spells as I had, at least until I get more amazing flashback spells. (Grasp of Phantoms and Silent Departure are amazing in the recursion ability.)

It's not exactly the best spell for it's cost but it is useful. (I do on the other hand own Glacial Ray--one of the best splicing spells.) However 3U is pretty steep, especially for an additional effect. I usually run it with Reach Through Mists. So for 3UU, draw a card bounce a creature. That's almost as good as Into the Roil except Into the Roil costs less and you can bounce artifacts, planeswalkers, and enchantments.

I use it, but that doesn't mean it's a great card. There are other factors that cause you to use a card, such as playing 100-singleton. You can only use one Into the Roil, so splicing onto other cards makes it useful in recurring the spell... but recurring isn't that demanding in duels. It is in EDH, however.

The card is just an average card. It has some room to make it versatile and repeatable, but it still doesn't make it better than another card--which in this case is Into the Roil. A good card, but not great. 3/5

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