Friday, December 9, 2011

IPotW #4

Interesting Play of the Week #4:

Welcome to Snow-Covered Swamp's IPotW #4. I would like to apoligize for the lengthly IPotW #3. It seems I am typing out full games rather than interesting plays. If you guys enjoy full game reviews, please leave a comment saying so, but as of right now I am slightly short on time--not to mention I did not play a lot of Magic this week.

This game was fairly simple: I land-go'd a couple times and Lolzor resolved a Nimble Mongoose and then a Nest Invader. I Burst Lightning'd the Nest Invader end of turn and resolved Sea Gate Oracle. He resolves Kozilek's Predator and I play Jhoira of Ghitu. Lolzor had no response so he just swung with his Predator. Next turn I cast Seal of Removal, Lolzor swings again and end of turn I suspend Ancient Hydra.

I draw and end my turn, just counting down the counters until I can get my 5/1 out. Lolzor swings with his Predator and I Heat Ray it for 4. Lolzor responds with Mirrian Mettle, I crack and sac Seal of Removal and Lolzor plays a kicked Vines of Vastwood in response. I block with Jhoira but before combat damage suspend Djinn of Wishes.

Lolzor swings with his Nimble Mongoose who is now a 3/3 with threshold, he swings and I declare no blocks he Ninjitsu's out Skullsnatcher. Next turn Ancient Hydra hits the field, I start taking off counters to blow up his creatures, and swing for a lot.

Lolzor replays his Mongoose and waits. I get Djinn of Wishes, and then draw. I swing again he trades Nimble Mongoose for the Hydra. I draw and get Spy Network rearrange the top 5 cards and am disappointed with the number of lands on top. I play Mischievous Quanar facedown, Lolzor Doom Blade's it. It didn't matter, at this point Lolzor had to response to my field and I ended up swinging for game over several turns.

Thanks for tuning in, if you would like more in-detail games at the expense of length of articles please leave a comment! Don't forget to come back for our Random Card of the Day! (RCotD)

In one of our other previous games I Brainstorm'd into a Lightning Bolt to stop Stromkirk Noble. The game ended with both Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Worldslayer on the battlefield.

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