Sunday, December 18, 2011

RCotD #37

Random Card of the Day #37:

Skirk Prospector - R

Creature - Goblin
Sacrifice a Goblin: Add {R} to your mana pool.

Initial thoughts:

Interesting card. It's not an auto-include in a red deck though. It's kind of like a Blood Pet for red, except it's more tribal related. Additionally, you can sacrifice it the turn it comes out. I can see this being particularly amazing in a Vengevine or Dragonstorm deck. Though you will find a way to put Vengevine in your graveyard with something like Buried Alive, and Dragonstorm has other problems.

With the Vengevine idea I came up with, you will have a difficult time managing Jund* shards. That is of course you are willing to splash for this card, playing Blood Pet alone since your in black should work. And probably mana accelerants/fetch cards. If you did play red, It would probably be with Imperial Recruiter so you can always have a second creature card to get Vengevine out.

Alright, so maybe Dredgevine wouldn't really work maybe Dragonstorm would work. However I'm a little iffy about this going into a Dragonstorm deck. One of the ways that Dragonstorm works is ramp cards. Here is the one I tried to make:

4xBogardian Hellkite
4xRite of Flame
4xSeething Song
4xLotus Bloom
4xSee Beyond
4xPyromancer Ascension
Notable lands: 2xBoseiju, Who Shelters All, 1xMikokoro, Center of the Sea

Each of these has a specific purpos. Bogardian Hellkite is my win condition, but it needs to be in the library to worl. If it's in your hand then Dragonstorm doesn't work for an instant win. To reduce this, See Beyond can shuffle Bogardian Hellkite back into my library. Rite of Flame is one of the best Red Ramp spells. Albeit temporary mana, you only need to cast a spell once. Seething Song also helps with this. Lotus Bloom is different though. When you cast it from suspend it will add to your storm count, which is pretty amazing considering it can be part of your opening hand. Pyromancer Ascension is basically the best turn 2 drop. It might be countered, but if it resolves, you could potentially win on turn 3. Doubling Seething Songs for 10 floating red, double Preordain for scry 4, double Manamorphse for drawing two cards. Once you get the quest counters on this enchantment this can be pretty crazy.

The rest of the deck just goes through the library to get the cards you want, typically by being selective in never putting Bogardian Hellkite in your hand. Ponder and Preordain do this pretty well. Manamorphse is essentially letting me play a 56-card deck, with the exception that it's better because it increases the storm count. But the reason I think Skirk Prospecter is not a 4-of in this deck is Dragonstorm has 2 problems: the first is achieving its mana cost. It is already pretty high at 9, but all you need is a storm count of 3 to win, so a card for 0 mana gain is not exactly what it would want to play. I can "save" the mana if I put it turn 1-2, and then the next turn I have an additional mana. You would be surprised how often you are short one or two mana from casting all of your spells to win.

It's a very interesting card, and I only thought of two decks that /might/ be able to work. There's a huge enabling on this card I guess I just haven't found a way to break it. 4/5 just because it seems like an enabler in some decks. But a 1/1 for 1 mana that can "store" the mana for later is pretty good.

* - Jund is one of the Shards of Alara, red, black, and green.
** - In one of my previous games with Lolzor, he cracked Memory Jar in the middle of casting of spells, exiling my hand. I had tried to recover for the rest of the turn, but I ended up discarding two of the Bogardian Hellkites, I dealt 10 damage to him, but he just Geth's Verdict'd and Doom Bladed them. I had no other way to win, I may have to need some sort of recursion spell in the deck like Put Away or Elixir of Immortality.

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