Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RCotD #26

Random Card of the Day #26:

Agility - 1R
Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has flanking.

Initial thoughts:

I never really was a fan of flanking creatures. I saw the ability and I thought it was pretty powerful, especially the part where it applies to all blockers.

It might just be a flavor standpoint as well, I would always think that flanking would only apply if two or more creatures attacked. That's probably nitpicking on flavor of cards, but I think it would work better.

Maybe if I were to make a flanking deck. I would use Cavalry Master. There is no true "flanking lord" where it has "creatures you control have flanking" on a creature, but this is the next best thing. A deck with Formation or any other banding on instant/sorcery would work on creatures combined with Irresistible Prey. No all your banding creatures attack in a unit, your opponent is forced to block, most of his creatures would die before combat damage, and you can to decide how your opponent deals combat damage. (At least I think that's how Banding works. You can never be too sure...) Kind of like an overly convoluted one-sided Wrath of God. It could work.

But for a 1R enchantment I would compare it to Goblin War Paint. You trade +1/+1 and haste for flanking. Flanking alone is kind of like +1/+1, except you can't deal damage faster, but still just as effective if not as effective in combat damage to creatures. Goblin War Paint is a pretty average card, and it's trade-offs for flanking still make it about average. So I guess this makes another average card. 3/5

But I would still never play it.

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