Saturday, December 17, 2011

RCotD #36

Random Card of the Day #36:

Zodiac Monkey - 1G
Creature - Monkey

Initial thoughts:

Meh. I've seen worse worse cards. It's not actually that bad. It excels at what it does, it's splashable (I don't think this a card to splash for though. I would rather splash white for Rebuke, maybe green for Spidery Grasp.)

A 2 power 2/1 is okay. I would rather play Grizzly Bears in most cases. Green is a fairly uncommon color in draft (I guess that makes it a good color then.) so it shouldn't be that hard to get some better green cards. But if you are playing constructed, this would probably never see a deck and I wouldn't be surprised. Glissa's Courier has more uses, a landwalk ability and can take a hit--but it's one more mana.

It would need help to make it an unblockable creature, something like Yavimaya Dryad. I don't see this monkey being useful over other average cards. Not exactly a 4th pick if you know what I mean, but not completely useless. 2/5

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