Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RCotD #47

Random Card of the Day #47:

Nostalgic Dreams - GG
As an additional cost to cast Nostalgic Dreams, discard X cards.
Return X cards from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Nostalgic Dreams.

Initial thoughts:

Okay, so Regrowth effects are powerful. Multiple regrowth effects are even more so. This card on the other hand, I don't really see you discarding your entire hand to get what you want in your graveyard.

The other thing to note is regrowth effects power level scales with format. In standard, oh sure you discard 2 cards (probably lands late game) so you can get a Splinterfright and a Spider Spawning back*. Or a Mana Leak and Snapcaster Mage. However if you take this into vintage, it is virtually priceless to discard two cards to get an Ancestral Recall and Time Walk back. R&D probably knows that and that's why they included the additional cost to discard, not part of its effect so that it is more punishing if countered.

This card is only as good as your deck. And in that sense, I guess that it means that this card is spectacular and virtually limitless. It does cost 3 cards to get 2 cards, or 4 for 3, etc. compared to Regrowth which is 1 for 1, but it allows multiple cards. And to prevent abuse of it, it is exiled after casting. Still an excellent card. And it's Regrowth on a budget. This card is about 59 cents, compared to Regrowth which is about $5-7. Still a great card. 4/5

* - it is important to note that Lolzor had an orgasm over this article and card.

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