Saturday, December 24, 2011

RCotD #43

Random Card of the Day #42:

Relentless Assault - 2RR
Untap all creatures who attacked this turn. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

Initial thoughts:

Oh! I love these kind of cards. They are so whacky. In fact, almost every card that messes with the steps is a really fun card. Unless it's something designed to be unfun and comboable, like Stasis. Well I suppose if fun for the player but not on the receiving end of it. Struggling while losing is a lot more fun than facing a lockdown deck.

This is actually a really tricky card too. At least compared to the Archenemy Scheme Drench the Soil in Their Blood. The scheme requires you to use it in your first main phase, this allows your opponent to see the play coming and adjust his strategy accordingly. However, Relentless Assault is supposed to be played in your second main phase, hence "Untap all creatures who attacked this turn." This allows more misplays from your opponent because they probably were not expecting a second assault. Maybe their only good blocker was a regenerater, which taps when they would be destroyed so a second attack phase could be the end for them.

The other thing to note is mechanics such as Rampage, Bushido, Exalted, Flanking, etc. all carry over into the second combat phase as well because all of those are "Until end of turn." So for rampage if he was unblocked it becomes stronger yet again, Bushido if it was blocked it becomes stronger yet again, Exalted gets additional bonuses for attacking alone, Flanking could potentially kill more creature by giving them a second -1/-1 again if they decide to block (or have to block). It also allows more Nijitsu tricks. It just enables so much. And if was that imperative to get a third combat phase, consider the rebound of World at War.

It's not strictly worse than World at War though because sometimes you do need that extra mana, or if you are a turn ahead on your opponent you can definitely get a turn 4 Relentless Assault on a red aggro deck before you get turn 4 Day of Judgement. It could work wonders with Kiln Fiend. A great card. 4/5

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