Sunday, December 25, 2011

RCotD #44 1/2 - The Lolzor Holiday Special! (Double Bundle)

Random Card of the Day # 44 1/2:

Day of Judgement - 2WW
Destroy all creatures

Initial thoughts: 

Surprise! 2 cards today! (Awwww Lolzor you trickster). My gift to all of you is that I randomed into a card that has screwed me over more times than I can imagine.

Day of Judgement is at heart a nerfed Wrath of God, now when i say nerfed I'm using that term lightly because this card is still extraordinarily strong. It is a perfect example of why white removal is so strong because this card kills everything. It will get around everything except indestructible, this includes hexproof, shroud, and protections because it targets neither the player nor the creatures. Yes, you can regenerate to save your creature but  that seems like a small draw back for total destruction. You do lose your creatures as well but a well timed Day will win you the game.

I can attest to this cards power for I am an aggro player. To me this card spells death, a turn four field clear to an aggro deck is really rough esp. when facing something like a control deck or a U/W aggro deck...its hard to recover from.

Bottom line this card is a 5/5. If you are playing white in standard this should AT THE VERY LEAST be in your side board if not two of them main decked, it not only deal with anything it will also shut down most aggro decks if played right. This card does start to lose power as you go back through the sets but is still an amazing card.

I hope you enjoyed your short time with me doing the RCotD!
And if you'd like to give us a nice gift for the holiday season, how about you spread the word about our blog, so we can continue to provide you guys with new and interesting information and articles. Look forward to the new year guys...I've got big plans in store!

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