Friday, December 30, 2011

RCotD #49

Random Card of the Day #49:

Wheel of Fortune - 2R
Each player discards his or her hand and draws seven cards.

Initial thoughts:

If you haven't seen this card before it's 5/5. Hands down. Everyone should know of this card--it's basically infamous.

It is the cheapest most convenient way for red to refill their hand. You know what red does? Burn out. And usually very fast. So if your opponent is playing mono-red and their last card in their hand is a Wheel of Fortune, you better Cancel it or something because that is probably the last topdeck you want to see from a red deck.

This card is illegal to play in all formats except Vintage (excluding EDH). But you know the saying vintage lives by: "Type 1 decks can handle anything." What's worse about this card is in vintage you often just splash red to get a free hand again.

T1: Scalding Tarn, search for Volcanic Island. Mox Jet. Lotus Petal/Sol Ring. Wheel of Fortune.

Not too hard to pull off. You thinned your deck out a little, got 2 more cards than your opponent, and then reset your hand. You're three cards ahead of your opponent, and they didn't get to do anything. Of course, assuming they didn't Force of Will something.

Just an absolutely absurd card. It should probably never see print for a long time. And if it does, it will be From the Vault. 5/5

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