Friday, December 16, 2011

Back To The Basics: Color Wheel

So since we don't have an interesting play this week I decided to take the place and review some of my opinions on the roles of the colors, so here we go!

White: Heal, Protection, Exile, Weenie, AoE Removal

I preface this with the statement of I both love and hate white. White frustrates me to no end I hate playing against it and I rarely play it myself...that being said I like  of white mechanics. My favorites are first strike vigilance and lifelink, I would say these are most found in white weeine decks. Now I like these mechanics but its not where I would say the true strength of white is, the true strength of white is its unique removal. When I think white removal the first card that comes to mind is oblivion ring, that card has caused me more problem then I care to think about. The power of exile as removal is mainly found in white and unlike most forms it gives you no chance of retrieval or any of the benefits of send to graveyard effects. Another removal unique to white is AoE...though its found in other colors its usually high cost or has some other draw back unlike a card like Day of Judgement. There is also somethings to say about healing but I don't really care for it because its usually just a stall and not even a good one (outside of lifelink).

Blue: Draw, Counter Spell, Avoidance
So there isnt much to say about blue that we dont already know. It is, in my opinion, the strongest in the game...but only when paired with other colors. The reason is it deals with everything both before it hits the field and has the ability to deal with it after it has entered. Blue is universal control and thats what it does best. Blue also has the nifty ability of avoidance with its unblockable or flying creatures and such spells as Distortion Strike. The final thing it does well is hand control...yours or your opponents, you will always have a draw or a peak at ur enemy's hand.

Black:  Destruction, Discard, Graveyard

Black is probably my favorite color to play with, im not really sure why. Black draws its power from sheer destruction, be it hand or creatures it gets rid of them. Basically you trade cost for how situation it is, higher cost = less situational. Its destruction comes in all forms on creatures, enter graveyard, spells ect. Another specialty is discard, as with others its found in other colors but the best ones for this will be in black. Discard is a great splash in decks but its rarely a main win condition. Hand control in games is important, if u can get ur opponent to top deck early on u can breathe easy for most of the game. A great example of this is Liliana of the Veil, you will pretty much force them to play their card or lose it. In fact she pretty much sums up black. Finally black has alot of graveyard control, the main two would be dredge and retrieval. Both are insanely strong when done right

Red: Burn, Land Destruction, DRAGONS AND GOBLINS!

Red is direct damage...they hurt. Also dragons which are giant....and usually do some kinda of direct damage or pump....and goblins are like the high synergy 1 for 1 trade creatures. Alot of people say its the best color...arguably true...

Green: Beat Face, Land Ramp, Elves, Hexproof

Green, green, green. My first color ever was green and to this day I still love it...but I might say its the least powerful least at the moment. Green is basically creatures...big hard to deal with creatures. The point of green is to get in your face and swing again and again. Trample is big in green and shows the flavor even more. To get these big creatures out u need mana (or a trick) so green also has land ramp, Rampant Growth and Viridain Emissary are good examples. Now I put Hexproof in here...its hardly exclusive to green but I feel like it fits the flavor of green the most and is most powerful in the color.

Ok so there you have it...a bit of a rushed article but I hope u like it!

EDIT: Sorry it took so long to post, it was written before I was called away and I was no where near my comp for a few days

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