Monday, April 15, 2013

Even More Spoilers

So Lolzor is out of commission, so I will fill the spot of Monday with, you guessed it. More spoilers. It's like Candy Land right now raining gumdrops except spoilers.

As for this card on the left, I have no idea why this is a rare (actually it's probably just to not completely warp draft/sealed/game day). Obviously pushing the colored theme further but I highly doubt it will be played. Sideboard card at best, but surprisingly effective in Standard. I don't think it will see play in any other format. Well, except this is an absolute nightmare in EDH.

There's a cycle of these bad boys. Each of them seem to be an iconic spell (Divination, Act of Treason, Disfigure) but weaker on legs. I would think that it would be good in limited, but you need two gates to get it's full effect. Maybe in Sealeds but in Draft no one (or no one should) waste their picks to get enough gates that are probably in the wrong colors just to get full value out of a common.

They should just stop printing these cards. It's funny and everything, but nobody wants to rely on chance when playing Magic. Everything is calculated and it's turn-based to prevent things like this. Oh well. They had to replace Goblin Bangchuckers somehow.

An interesting yet overcosted effect? By using it's right half you pay an extra {R} and it's Rise from the Grave with Haste, which is actually a lot more important than you would think. The other half is also interesting albeit a weaker version of Glimpse the Unthinkable. But you can't honestly expect both halves of a double-card to be strictly better than another, AND have the added flexibility. (PS I absolutely love the mechanic Fuse just so I can finally cast both halves of the card just like I did when I broke all the rules of Magic when I first played.)

Well, that's all I'm putting up for now. I'm sure Lolzor would love to tell you about all the new multi-colored mythics and possibilities of the other "more important" cards. So I'll leave those for him.

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