Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The wave is ending!

The Last of Dragon's Maze:

Well all the Dragon's Maze spoilers are up and I'm ready for this set. It looks like that added a ton of fun stuff for both standard and draft and I assume the draft format will be 1-1-1. Anyway I'm just gonna talk about my last few favorites out of the bunch. There aren't pics so I'll just write them out.

Pyrewild Shaman - 2R
Creature - Goblin Shaman

Bloodrush 1R- Discard "" target attacking creature gets +3/+1 until EOT
Whenever one of more creatures you control deal combat damage to your opponent, if "" is in your graveyard, you may pay 3. If you do, return "" from the graveyard to your hand.

This card is very up my alley, it's a reoccurring combat trick/creature. I feel like this is the type of card Bloodrush has been lacking. It'll be a game changer in draft, easy first pick in my eyes. In standard I could possibly see it in some of the fast aggro decks running red though it might be too slow...we will see.

Varolz, the Scar Striped - 1GB
Creature - Troll Warrior
Each creature card in your graveyard has scavenge. The scavenge cost is equal to its casting cost
Sacrifice another creature: Regenerate ""

Finally! So I saw this one coming...this is gonna make Golgari fun. The scavenge mechanic was always really weak to me because it was very expensive (obviously excluding the like 3 useful ones). This can be very abuse-able, imagine a vexing devil scavenged for 1. It may see play in standard but more likely it seems like a very good dredge combo piece.

Dragonshift - 1UR
Until EOT target creature you control becomes a 4/4 blue and red Dragon, loses all abilities, and gains flying
Overload 3UURR

Ok so I just wanted to talk about this card to bother a friend. This card in my eyes in worthless. It's effect is an ok combat trick and maybe like a fun final push in a draft but that overload cost is just way too high, if you have that much mana you can win with a much better win condition. The other thing is at the stage in the game where you would overload you're gonna neuter all your creatures im sure you arent just sitting with 1/1's at this point. The flavor is interesting but this is not good enough for a rare slot.

That's all for me, feel free to post in the comments for any opinions of cards you guys wanna talk about. New post on wednesday.

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