Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MOAR SPOILERS! (Late Monday Post)

So for the next few Mondays ill probably just be talking about mainly spoilers because well...it's the biggest thing to talk about so lets do a quick round up of the most interesting rares so far shall we?

So lets start with Render Silent, it's pretty strong. Its alittle color intensive but will basically such down a turn not too shabby. Also its a 3 cost which is usually not the case with this specialty counterspells. Overall I like it also the art for the buy a box promo version is epic.

This card is probably better than I want to believe but I've been growing out of the counters meta. Like it's doubles counters for 2 and its Simic so evolve and all that jazz but it's just not playable in my eyes. It'll have a nice spot as an EDH general though I can tell you that. (Maybe Im way off base but I dont know i have a strong bias)

Advent Wurm seems powerful...but then again I like Call of the Conclave. You get a way undercosted creature and its a target for populate. It seems populate wasn't as good as I had initially thought but if this isn't played now I could almost certainly see it after rotation.

Ok so, I can see this in the current Rakdos decks. I don't think it is as powerful as it seems, people tend to over hyper "win game" "lose game" "set life total" cards. It is strong it is first strike and death touch so its got some defense. Ok...so official review stuff is out of the way <_<. OMG I LOVE THIS CARD! As I said I want to make a Jund deck soon this will most likely make it in...maybe with some Madcap Skills for flare. Not to mention this is a killer in EDH and i have so many B/R EDH decks. Good or bad this is a fun card.

Were you waiting for me to get to him? Yes, yes, the new planeswalker is an Izzet mage. Let's top down this guy shall we? Ok so he is a 4 cost standard, and he comes in with 4 loyalty counters...Wizards being safe and smart, good for them. +1 is really nice Tap permanent and Untap another...it's a bit of protection for you and some control elements I'm a big fan. -2....is Lightning Bolt! I like it, strong in this format and cheap. I'm basically sold on this guy already those 2 are fun and strong I don't know how playable in standard right now but it's got potential plus it's good in other formats. Let's see the ult, -7 Flip 5 coins...wait what coins again...take an extra turn for each one that comes up heads...Jesus that potential. Ok so in reality you will get at least one extra turn in 5 flips probably 2 consistently but this still a chance ult which is disappointing but not a deal breaker he has enough utility to keep him at least pretty good.

 Gah! Cards are messing with my formatting -_-.

Anyway I'm excited I love these dual cards they are so interesting and they give you some extra options and are always high in flavor and have witty names. There is a rare one but I chose to look at this one because I like it more. This is Sign in Blood on one half and Sudden Impact on the other. Now there is a new mechanic, Fuse, which is basically Entwine for split cards....AWESOME! The rare one is Beck//Call it let's you draw cards every time a creaure enters for the turn and the other half is put 4 1/1 birds on the battlefield. But its somethign like 8 mana all together which in my eyes is good but kinda heavy. This one on the other hand is draw power and burn or if you want can be at max like an 11 point swing on an opponent if you wanna give them a card or two. This again may be some of my bias but keep an eye on these split cards there is gonna be an OP one.

Anyway thanks for reading we will keep you up to date on these spoilers every monday! See you Wednesday

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